Creative Kids Preschool and Day Care provides a safe, secure, nurturing atmosphere where a child can develop a positive sense of self-worth.  Children learn most effectively in a child-centered developmentally appropriate environment, organized for discovery learning.  Creative Kids Preschool provides the fundamentals that prepare children for reading, writing, and math.

Studies have proven that children learn best through play, therefore our facility is designed for fun!  The earliest years of life are the most influential years; the skills your child learns at Creative Kids Preschool will be the ones they will use throughout their lives.  Our curriculum concentrates on the three basics of learning: cognitive, physical, and social-emotional.  We strive to have each child reach his/her potential through academically prepared lessons that challenge each child and promote growth.

                  Phone: 909-923-5006
          Email: Teresa@ck-preschool.com
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